Diesel Book Recommendations
and Bibliography


This page contains books I would recommend to any diesel-lover. They belong on your bookshelf! Let me know if you need some help in locating a particular book.

1.PA: Alco's Glamour Girl

By Andy Romano

Four Ways West Publications

This is a great book! The best looking diesel cab unit of all time is well represented here. The book is all color, with 128 pages. Complete rosters and dispositions are provided. I can't stay enough about this book. The text is well written, and Mr. Romano obviously adores the PA. This affection comes out in the text.

2.Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years

Louis A. Marre

Kalmbach Books

This fine book covers diesels built before 1972. It gives basic technical info and number of models constructed. A handy reference book. 479 pages.

3.The Contemporary Diesel Spotters Guide

Louis A. Marre

Kalmbach Books

A companion to the book above, this volume covers diesels built after 1972. 351 pages.

4.Covered Wagon Mystique

Todd Humphrey John Humphrey Gardiner Cross

A great picture book of cab units! E and F units are heavily focused on. 96 pages.

5.Diesels to Park Avenue: The FL9 Story

Joseph R. Snopwk Robert A. LaMay

New England Rails Publishing

This 116 page, all color book, tells the fascinating story of the FL9. These units were some of the first dual-mode locomotives ever built. They could be powered from their own prime movers, or from electricity from a third rail. The information is comprehensive and the pictures are great.

6.The Revolutionary Diesel: EMC's FT

Diesel Era

This 130 page book has complete rosters and dispositions for the FT, the revolutionary locomotive introduced by EMC in 1939.

7.C-Liners: FM's Consolidation Line of Locomotives

David R. Sweetland

Diesel Era

This is a superb book! It has great photos and info on all the companies that owned C-Liners. There is a color photo section in the back of the book. 80 pages.

8.Trainmaster: The Most Useful Locomotive Ever Built

David R. Sweetland

Diesel Era

Another great book on a very cool locomotive! A breakdown of every company that ever operated this locomotive model is provided, as well as complete rosters and dispositions. There is a color photo section in the back of the book. 112 pages.

9.Vintage Diesel Locomotives

Mike Schafer


This is a good, general book about first-generation diesels. Low price, too! 96 pages.

10.Modern Diesel Locomotives

Hans Halberstadt


A companion to the above book about modern diesels. Low price. 96 pages.

11.North American Locomotives

Brian Hollingsworth


This book has good info on diesels and steamers. Good reference book. 208 pages.

12.Rails Across America

Editor: William L. Withuhn


A very good book on railroads in general. The Years of Revolution chapter has a superb discussion of the steam-to-diesel transition after World War II and why it occurred. 192 pages.

13. Alco Official Color Photography

Walter A. Appel

Morning Sun Books

A superb book with loads of color photos of Alco diesels. A large variety of diesels are covered, from little switchers to huge Century models. The photos of the Santa Fe PAs make the book worth the $50 price! 128 pictures

14. How Diesel-Electric Locomotives Operate: The Last 25 years, Including ACs

Peat Mansfield, OH

The title explains it all. This book is VERY technical. A fascinating book. Ordering info at the PEAT website.