Introduction or Why Am I doing This?



Why am I doing this? Am I completely insane? (Some people would say so) Actually, I decide to create this page because I noticed that, despite the countless number of railroad pages on the net, I could not find a single one specifically devoted to diesel cab units of all builders. Nor could I find much technical information about them. Therefore, I decided to plunge into building my own page. What you see is the result of a million hours (A slight exaggeration) of precious time spent staring at a computer screen. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you find any errors or problems.

Unfortunately, cab units are somewhat rare sights to see, particularly where I live. But I do travel occasionally, and I try to see cab units whenever I have the opportunity.

Check out the My Photos page for some of my photos of cab units from all over the country.

Thanks a lot for sticking with me this far! I'm shocked you did!

Brent Holt