What's New?


Future Updates? Many are probably wondering why I update this site only rarely. There are three main reasons:
1. Lack of new material to add to this site.

2. Limited time on my part.

5-18-07: Added a new photo to the home page.

12-20-04: Added a little info to the FM page.

6-15-03: Added the final bunch of photos of the CP Derby Train. Look under My Cab Photos at the bottom of the page to see them.

5-4-03: Changed the cover photo and added the first batch of images of the CP Derby Train from May 2003! (My Cab Photos) More to come.........

12-23-02: Changed the index page background and picture.

11-23-02: Added a link to the PA Restoration page.

3-27-02: Updated the PA Restoration page and changed to a new counter. Cover photo also changed. (I also added the 23,000 the old counter lost when it was reset a while back)

3-2-02: A small update: Added some info to the PA news page, updated the links page, and added the Toy Trunk RR comic strip to the bottom of the home page.

3-4-01: Changed some of the gifs on the index page, added info to the diesel faq page, removed the snow effect, and fixed an error on the E unit page.

11-15-00: Added a little info to the Diesel FAQ, FM Erie Units and C-Liners, and Sharknose pages.

10-8-00: Added a schematic to the BL2 page.

9-24-00: Changed the main photo on the home page.

9-23-00: Updated the PA data page and Cab News page. I also added an animated gif to the top of the homepage.

8-11-00: Added R.J. Corman Dinner Train FP7 pics from Bardstown, KY to My Cab Photos.

8-6-00: Added locomotive gifs as links on the home page.

7-18-00: Added some pics of the RJC Derby F units to My Cab Photos.

6-14-00: Made some changes to the background image amd the mailing list page.

4-29-00: Updated the cab news section.

4-1-00: Updated the cab news section.

10-2-99: Added pics of Monon BL2 #32 at KRM on September 25, 1999. This loco has a new coat of paint after a 3 year, $13,000 overhaul.

8-8-99: Added a BL2 section under the loco menu and some BL2 photos under the cab unit photo menu.

7-22-99: Added a bunch of photos of E and F units to the My Photos page.

7-20-99: Welcome to Exotic Diesel Locomotives, Phase II! This is a basic version, I will add more features later this week.

2-11-99: Added a book to the recommendations page.

2-9-99: Corrected and added some new info to the Erie unit and C-Liner info page.

1-18-99: Added some new book titles to the book recommendations page.

1-10-99: Added a review page of my diesel book recommendations.

12-27-98: Added a link to the Locomotive Gallery website. Also added a CSX AC4400CW photo page under the Indiana and Kentucky RR Photo Page.

12-18-98: Added a new page about the Alco DL109 cab unit! This often overlooked unit now has a place on this website.! Thanks to Richard Biegaj for writing the text for the page. Go to the loco menu to find it.

12-6-98: Added a link to Excellent Frame Works.

12-4-98: Added a L&I roster to the Indiana and Kentucky Railroad Page. Just click the link to see it.

11-26-98: Added 3 new photo pages of SP, C&NW, and CN pictures. (Check under the Indiana and Kentucky RR Photo Menu.)

11-24-98: Added 2 new photos to the Model RR photo page.

11-14-98: Added a new photo page of the E units in Nashville, TN. Go to the Indiana and Kentucky RR photo page and click the link to E units in Nashville. I also added a UP photo section. You can access it from the page I mentioned above.

11-7-98: Added an additional photo page for the Louisville and Indiana RR. Select L&I page 4 on the Indiana and Kentucky RR Photo Page to see them.

10-17-98: Added a new photo page with 6 Louisville and Indiana RR photos. L&I recently re-painted its switchers and they look great! Go to the Indiana and Kentucky RR page and click L&I photo page 3 to see the images.

9-27-98: Added a photo page with pictures from the Indiana Transportation Museum's Railfan Day on September 19. Go to the Indiana and Kentucky RR photo page and click the ITM link towards the top of the page.

9-18-98: Added a new photo menu under the cab unit photo section! It includes photos of Australian cab units. Added a link to Welcome to the Depot on the links page. Also added 2 photos to the model RR page.

9-13-98: Added a link to Railpace Magazine.

9-12-98: Added a photo of ex-D&H PA#18 in Mexico in the PA photo menu, under the cab photo menu. Number 18 may soon be back in the U.S. and operating as Nickle Plate#190.

9-10-98: Added a screensaver I made! It has 11 images. Click the screensaver link on the home page.

9-9-98: Added a photo of an unusual Dupont Caboose I saw in Louisville recently. Go to the Indiana and Kentucky RR photo page and click the link to see it. I also added a photo of myself on the Introduction page. Added links to the L&N Historical Society, Monon Historical Society, and the Indiana Transportation Museum.

9-7-98: I finally fixed the audio files on the locomotive sounds page. They should all work, now.

9-6-98: Added a photo menu for more pictures of L&N E6 770 at the KRM. Go to the Indiana and Kentucky Photo Page to find the link at the top. Added a diagram of a FA-2. Go to the FA photo menu page and click on the link at the bottom of the page to find it. Also added a link to Charlie's Train Gallery. He has some great photos on his site!

9-4-98: Added a link to the diesel locomotive mailing list I've created. Anyone is welcome to join. Just click the mailing list link on the home page. I also added a link to Mainliners, an Australian site with good photos of cab units.

9-2-98: Added a link to Love Those Diesels on the links page.

8-30-98: Added a ton of non-cab unit photos! They are from a recent railfanning trip to Shoals and Mitchell, IN. Go to the Indiana and Kentucky RR photos section and the menu is on the top of the page.

8-29-98: I added a new photo section! Just go to the Indiana and Kentucky RR page and click the link to the L&N steamer photos. Six photos are shown of the K-2 in operation in Kentucky. I now have my own scanner, so I no longer have to rely on others to scan my photos. (finally)

8-28-98: Added a photo under the FA photo menu. The photo is called EL FA 7391 in the Fall. It's a great photo!

8-26-98: Added links to Brian F. Case's RR site, Alco's International, and Louisville Railfan.